LA MIA TATTICA PER GURUSHOTS My tactics for Gurushots

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Questa è la mia tattica ,anche se certe volte non è precisa – this is my tactic even if it is certain it is not precise.

this is just my opinion

Which contests do you participate in?

All those ending at

9:00 16:00 24:00

When to enter a contest?

60-48 hours before the end of all.
10_08 hours before only expert users and if agreed by the group.
You can participate to train and earn hassle-free bonuses in all single photo contests and those that end at times other than those indicated

How is the race done as a team?
First of all it must be clear that in a team what matters is to be united and compact and play a common game, even in this team there are people with experience put at the service of everyone.

enter the challenge if we are aware of playing until the end – evaluate the potential of the photos, from the challenges made 95% of the defeat is generated from the 5th position down, entering the challenge and not participating until the end can damage the work of teammates. One of the main rules of gs is to respect the theme of the challenge, in a team game it is essential to respect it in order not to compromise the outcome of the final result and the work of teammates.
Before taking any personal initiative ask 😉

How to enter the contest?

1) Choose the photos you want to upload, at least 5 but don’t immediately put them all into play on GS

2) Check if they are photos that you have already used which views they have (the eye you find in the info of the photo)

3) Record the number of views (number next to the eye)

4) Upload a single photo to enter the contest at least 48 hours before the deadline.
Remember that the best times are 06:00 07:30 13:00 14:00 20:30 22:30

5) Once Loaded Vote until the counter reaches 100%

6) Check the progress of the score until it stabilizes, at which point it checks the progress of the score.
Points achieved over views. A good photo has factor 3
To calculate the factor, here is the formula Factor = POINTS / (Total_visitors -initial_visitors)

7) Respecting the times indicated then upload a second third and fourth photo, always with a stable score for some time and remember every time that before uploading you must have voted to be with the counter at 100%

8) After uploading the four photos and while the last room goes up, put the boost on
ATTENTION if before uploading the last photo you see that one of those you put has a factor of 3 or higher, immediately put the boost !!! (attention is not a universal rule read the tricks to know more)

9) When the photo with the boost stabilizes, change it with the fifth photo chosen

10) Up to 10 minutes from the end of the contest, do nothing more

11) 10 minutes from the end of the contest, load the counter by voting or with a quick reload and wait for indications from the group

12) be prepared to replace the worst-rated photo with the hidden one usually 10 minutes from the end, but always wait for directions

For anything before you ask, one wrong move does not only damage you but the result of the whole team

Terminology used within the team.

Fill or Fill – Having the counter loaded, the counter can be loaded using the lightning bolt or by voting on the other photos

Hide a photo – After playing the boost and waiting for the vote to stabilize, swap the photo with a new one

swap – change the photo

vote – Vote the photographs

GS = gurushots

How is the photo factor calculated?
F = POINTS / (Total_visitors-Initial_visitors)

The photo that you think is best among the 4 choices must be the last one to be uploaded and then hidden
Photos must always be in landscape format (even portraits)
The best time to put the boost is immediately as soon as the photo begins to rise, but be careful if you play it wrong you don’t have any more. The critical sense on the photos you put must be your judge well a priori
The boost this unknown there are various moments to load it, the best way to exploit it is to activate it 3 minutes after loading the last photo of the 4.
there are various techniques to use the boost but now it is important to know the fundamentals
How to earn swap fills and keys? You have to play a lot! especially the minor races without using resources. GS rewards you like this: every 3 you play a fill, every 5 a swap, every 7 a key


GS makes a new photo get a certain number of views, the first two minutes slowly, then the photo stabilizes.

There are three phases of the uploaded photo that we will call
Insertion – up to two minutes
Cruise – until the maximum number of views is reached
Tail – the photo stops rising

The number of maximum visits is set by GS according to the total subscribers, so the more the contest goes on, the more visits you can have

The perfect match timeline

50 hours – first fill and upload photos at peak times

  • every time the vote counter stabilizes, wait for the top time and fill in and upload the next photo
  • the best photo should (but it is not a rule to be the fourth)
  • about 24 hours from the end, at the top time, swap the boost photo and upload the fifth photo
  • do nothing more until 20 minutes before
  • connect to the group chat and follow the instructions given
  • basic at 10 minutes fill and at -7 swap the hidden photo

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